Whalin’ Wailin’

Matthew Barney is a big idiot. Maybe because he’s shacked up with Bjork, from Iceland, another whaling outlaw nation, that he doesn’t get it and honors a “sacred tradition” of murdering the oceanic behemoths. What a putz. Please, back to football. And the vaseline encrusted workout bench, the restraint series, it’s all a bit…

lame. Methinks he doth try too damn hard. 

I like whales. Don’t you? If you do, log on to my activist site http://www.myspace.com/boycottjapan and sign up and spread the word. 

One Response to “Whalin’ Wailin’”

  1. Hallelujah and pass the vaseline! Brilliant blog! I like that you didn't show restraint!

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