In Defense of Gay Marriage

Amazingly, the California Supremes have reversed the Defense of Marriage legislation, effectively ending written discrimination in our state constitution. That is, until the November referendum rears its ugly head again with some version of the same hateful ruling as before. The basis of the decision: straight marrieds are already protected, and LGBTQ marriage does not threaten the status quo, but current law denies a large population bloc comparable rights.

Marriage offers over a thousand benefits singles in our society do not have. These incentives are written into law to keep families together and stable. It’s not working, look around. Lesbians seem to have longer lasting relationships. This writer knows lots of gay men in LTRs. Now, when they split, it’s divorce is they did indeed marry. Oh yes, there will be alimony.

In this country where we are told some white guys would rather die than have an African American President, a national consensus on upholding gay marriage seems a few years off. But this is a glorious step for us.

Now, I am off to Santa Monica Boulevard in Boystown to celebrate with my queer pals and the sensible folk who love them. I’ll have a shot for ya.


2 Responses to “In Defense of Gay Marriage”

  1. Yeah, I agree, Roy. Everyone should have the right to an acrimonious and legal divorce.

  2. Right on right on…actually, I opposed all marriage for years, but to each their own, I guess…who needs a contract? Yet the rights and privileges of marriage are indisputably biased in favor of that contract. dammit.

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