Court Reporter Here

Court Reporter at your service. 

THREE DAYS to pick the jury on a case that was certainly not a traffic thing. It was criminal, an alleged rapist who  allegedly used foreign objects and trauma euwwww. That would have been tough not to prejudge. The guy looked fearsome, and a first impression: not so good. 
Over a hundred Angelenos held captive while the jury selection went on, and on, and on, and Judge Joseph Brandolino did his best to deal with the delays, unexplained to us.
It didn’t help that the judge was a dead ringer for the Fonz, and had a petite voice to boot. Odd. 
What great dudes these judges are, performing a vital and even at times dangerous public service for the benefit of us all. 
Day THREE: An empanelled jury!!  Free to jet, and in retrospect, we all griped alot, but I did get to spend two hours looking at public art (steel truss assembled sculpture: not my fave) eating Mex at Central Market, walking down the steps by the forlorn Angel’s Flight and traipsing down Broadway checking out the shops/stalls and theatre facades, topped off with the Bradbury Building (Bladerunner)…so the time spent was not a total loss, and I really had a great time after all, but why not? Make the most of what ya got. There’s really no better way to live.

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