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Picky, Picky, Picky

Posted in Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Fight, Florida, hillary, Michigan on May 29, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Picky, Picky,Picky, this picking the delegates fiasco is both riveting and lame at the same time.

Saturday’s Ho-Tel meeting in DC to discuss seating delegates from rogue Monster State Florida and exhausted Rust Belt Central HQ Michigan is shaping up to be its own whack bit of lunacy, with the actual concept of punishment for flaunting Democratic Party rules seemingly falling by the wayside. You break the rules, you pay the price, unless you have the duo Banshee team of Billary breathing fire down your neck. The delegate split for Michigan when Obama wasn’t even on the ticket is beyond ludicrous. There should be an even delegate split between the two candidates, the Solomonic wisdom so self-evident as to be the only true solution. Might as well do the same in FL. Giving all of MI to Hillary Clinton is not logical. Not at all. There’s no justice in that scheme, and scheme it is. Hillary is gonna push this to the convention and that’ll leave no time at all for fighting off that crackpot crank Methusalaesque Republican unpopular choice as presumptive candidate what’s his name. In the end, Clinton will have done more damage to the Democrats than all the forces of Religious Right extremists combined. How ironic, it takes one to destroy one. A fight’s a fight: a spoiler is always just a spoiler. 

Too Much Too Late

Posted in Barack Obama, Bavaria, France, Memorial Day, Planned Parenthood, Switzerland on May 26, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Wow- so here it is, cloudy and wet-ish in L.A. for the Memorial Day weekend, allowing for a burial in books and magazines and now, that I have two cool dudes coming to stay for the summer, I went ahead and got cable tv. Figger this will keep them immersed in US cultcha for awhile. This should be an amazing summer time. Gonna hang with Daniel from Bavaria and Marc from Switzerland. As always, I will feel compelled and actually enjoy showing them a good time here in the states. Our image is so fractured and troubled now, I feel I should in fact host the entire planet sans the United States so I can do my part to turn our image around again. Especially the French, who we did a grave disservice to with the Iraq “coalition”. Remember Freedom Fries? Sometimes we can be such idiots. The French are the reason we are here today!

Gawd, give us Obama and a chance for redemption.  BO, make me veepee. I will be your ambassador and keep the heat off your tail. I will travel the world and win over even the most obstreperous of nations. I will change the way the world views us, not as the most wasteful nation on earth but as the most innovative of countries, loving, caring, giving and concerned for all of humankind. Then I’ll push for funding of Planned Parenthood the way it should be done, and perhaps we can reduce the world population to a manageable level. After all, the subtext of virtually every issue before us today is overpopulation, from famine and food prices to overfished oceans and rivers to oil scarcity. Let’s look and act macro so we can repair micro. 
Time to roll up our sleeves and get busy, Mr. President.

Freeway of love

Posted in beach, cineramadome, Clinton, el matador, Indiana Jones, Indy, malibu on May 23, 2008 by kilroyrogers

It’s stormy and rainy and tornado-ey here in So Cal and everyone is geared up to escape, be it a good book and snug covers or a trip to Yosemite, a screening at the Cineramadome of Indy, or a parka picnic at El Matador. Lots of folks are going shopping, everything is marked way down, and those IRS checks are out and cashed. Folks are so tired of Clinton/Obama/McCain that anything seems more interesting. Even though Prop 98 might destroy California as we now know it, we will all merrily go along and try and forget work and politics for at least three days.

Then, the grind continues. Movies to market, last minute trailers to go out, radio spots and tv to create, political points to make, dates to make and break, you know: another day in paradise.

Whalin’ Wailin’

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Matthew Barney is a big idiot. Maybe because he’s shacked up with Bjork, from Iceland, another whaling outlaw nation, that he doesn’t get it and honors a “sacred tradition” of murdering the oceanic behemoths. What a putz. Please, back to football. And the vaseline encrusted workout bench, the restraint series, it’s all a bit…

lame. Methinks he doth try too damn hard. 

I like whales. Don’t you? If you do, log on to my activist site and sign up and spread the word. 

In Defense of Gay Marriage

Posted in alimony, cake, gay marriage, homo, icing, lesbian, tux on May 15, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Amazingly, the California Supremes have reversed the Defense of Marriage legislation, effectively ending written discrimination in our state constitution. That is, until the November referendum rears its ugly head again with some version of the same hateful ruling as before. The basis of the decision: straight marrieds are already protected, and LGBTQ marriage does not threaten the status quo, but current law denies a large population bloc comparable rights.

Marriage offers over a thousand benefits singles in our society do not have. These incentives are written into law to keep families together and stable. It’s not working, look around. Lesbians seem to have longer lasting relationships. This writer knows lots of gay men in LTRs. Now, when they split, it’s divorce is they did indeed marry. Oh yes, there will be alimony.

In this country where we are told some white guys would rather die than have an African American President, a national consensus on upholding gay marriage seems a few years off. But this is a glorious step for us.

Now, I am off to Santa Monica Boulevard in Boystown to celebrate with my queer pals and the sensible folk who love them. I’ll have a shot for ya.

No Newks

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Jeez, judging by past leaks, Homer is really running the show in the most dangerous game there is. All of Europe is still under a radioactive blanket. Mutations abound. Gigantic quantities of radioactive waste sit without a home. There is no need for nuclear revival in this country. San Onofre has had numerous leaks and accidents here in So Cal. Let’s end this perilous charade. 

I’m just fine with two eyes, not three.

Court Reporter Here

Posted in Uncategorized on May 9, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Court Reporter at your service. 

THREE DAYS to pick the jury on a case that was certainly not a traffic thing. It was criminal, an alleged rapist who  allegedly used foreign objects and trauma euwwww. That would have been tough not to prejudge. The guy looked fearsome, and a first impression: not so good. 
Over a hundred Angelenos held captive while the jury selection went on, and on, and on, and Judge Joseph Brandolino did his best to deal with the delays, unexplained to us.
It didn’t help that the judge was a dead ringer for the Fonz, and had a petite voice to boot. Odd. 
What great dudes these judges are, performing a vital and even at times dangerous public service for the benefit of us all. 
Day THREE: An empanelled jury!!  Free to jet, and in retrospect, we all griped alot, but I did get to spend two hours looking at public art (steel truss assembled sculpture: not my fave) eating Mex at Central Market, walking down the steps by the forlorn Angel’s Flight and traipsing down Broadway checking out the shops/stalls and theatre facades, topped off with the Bradbury Building (Bladerunner)…so the time spent was not a total loss, and I really had a great time after all, but why not? Make the most of what ya got. There’s really no better way to live.