Snipes Gripes

Okay, so if Wes Snipes is indeed a tax protester, it looks like he did it all wrong. 

I understand not wanting to contribute taxes to “the war machine” and such, and I understand the argument that taxes are unconstitutional, I even get the angle that they should be eliminated or a replacement system developed. However, I know how tenacious the IRS can be. I argued with them for almost fifteen years, lost (even though I was in fact justified in my facts and figures by all who knew of my case EXCEPT the IRS). You cannot win with them. Remember when citizens testified before Congress against their tactics? While we’re at it, what basis is there for such outrageous interest rates? How is that legal?

And still while we’re at it, how about credit card rates? Tell me why both cases aren’t loan sharking and racketeering? Perhaps it’s time for a group “citizen’s arrest” or class action suit against the credit card companies, and a mass revolt against the ridiculous tax laws. How can Dick Cheney pay ten per cent in taxes? Where is the equity and justice? 

This from the New York Times: 
“They {Prosecutors} said the notoriety of the case presented a ‘singular opportunity’ to deter tax crimes nationwide.” WTF? How can they have the legal authority to single out a solitary citizen and “make an example” of them? Don’t we have equal justice under the law?

Give me back my America.  Think I’ll go listen to a Jeremiah Wright sermon to find out what’s REALLY going on.


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