Catastrophe Ahead

Excerpted Letter text to LA TIMES: It is not an exaggeration to state that disaster and mayhem likely will follow any voter approval of Proposition 98. Ostensibly a measure to strengthen the fight against government’s use of eminent domain–the condemning of property for the public good– Proposition 98 will actually unleash a Pandora’s box of harmful legislation that will eliminate rent control, decimate renter’s rights, allow for the sacking of all environmental safeguards and might literally cause panic in the streets. Wealthy landlords have placed this measure on the June 3rd Ballot hoping that voters will not see past the eminent domain aspect to the Trojan Horse details buried within the proposed legislative change to the California Constitution. Backers of Prop. 98 have millions and millions of dollars to persuade voters to vote in their favor. In reality, Californians should in fact vote for a competing ballot initiative, Proposition 99, which offers Californians eminent domain protection while still allowing rent control to stay in place. If Prop. 98 were to pass, landlords could jack up rents on seniors, the elderly, the disabled and working poor and force them to pay whatever rents they decide, immediately upon passage. Clauses in Prop 98 could allow for the gutting of all existing environmental laws, as these current and future laws could financially impact a landlord or property owner’s rights. We must make sure that voters act responsibly and are informed of the severe impact of this initiative. Proposition 98 is a bum deal for all but a few privileged people. 

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp
West Hollywood Neighborhood Alliance
cell direct 323.252.8907
1336 N. Laurel Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046


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