It’s only words…

Enough with catchy words…really really over it.
Like, the latest word to spread its seed across the literary land…POLYMATH.
Apparently, anyone who is the least multi-talented can now be classified as a
This rebirth of overused wordity sprung forth from the relentless prevalent phrase “sea change” years back, quickly followed by “pushing the envelope” and then an onslaught of thought-free pilfered phrases and words that soon came to mean nothing, just mind-numbing repetition. I picture some sod sitting in a dimly lit room with an incandescent bulb and 2.75 magnification readers flipping through a well-worn copy of Roget’s Thesaurus and silently shouting “Eureka!” the next punditry hit is- blah, blah… This discovered text, now inevitably destined to shape modern usage, will invariably end up on the cutting room floor of post-hip flotsam (or is it jetsam, phrase #23 1947) and destined to be cringe-worthy for the next century -at least. I loathe these trendoid words and phrases. Now, if I could just stop using hyphenated words in every other sentence, followed by endless elipses, then perhaps I too could have some street cred. Writers! Boy, do they suck.


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