Geraldine Say It Ain’t So

Dear Geraldine:
Say it ain’t so, say you cannot have been dumb enough to make those asinine remarks before the wolves-er, press. Geraldine Ferraro, who actually ran for vp on a major party ticket, and now, by association, is deemed a racist. To claim Barack Obama is ahead of Hillary because he IS black, instead of in spite of the fact that he is black. Andrew Sullivan blogs this reminds him of Roveian tactics. Plant the negative thought, repent just a bit later. Egads, is the Hillary Clinton campaign now mounted in the Death Star and working to win this campaign By Any Means Necessary? Well, that might be one way to fight injustice, but to use it as your own mantra for a contest that is draining democratic dollars that SHOULD go to fight John McCain is a tragedy. More and more I like Hillary less and less. Next, I expect to hear a missive from Gloria Steinem calling Obama a misogynist and wife-beater, just like all African-American men. She’d just probably get a slap on the wrist as well. Gawd, save us from this bitter camp of idiots. Named Geraldine.


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