Scientology: Farce or Joke

Gawd, those 70’s hipsters sure wanted Scientology to be real: well, Blanche, it ain’t. The 1934 tome Scientologie, from Germany, was cribbed by that crappy sci-fi writer and desperately needy people fell for it HOOK, LINE and SINKER. Reminds me of the time a friend was strung out hard on coke, I called narcanon and they were soooooothing, concerned, and perked up real big when I said he was a wealthy bond broker pissing away a fortune on Peruvian Powder. They had a detox center that would get him back in shape alright…come to find out at the end of the conversation, the whole thing was a cover for Scientology, figuring that if these people made all these money to buy vast quantities of coke, they could apply those skills to the cult for financial aggrandizement as well. Creeeeeeeeeepy. 

How about the awful Citizen Commission on Human Rights on Sunset with it’s disgusting murals of tortured children in the windows. THAT’S nice for the tourists. No wonder Scientologists are banned in some countries…can we just  spread that thought? What a sham, bogus pyramid scheme masquerading as a religion. 

Ever notice how they all chain smoke? Effed up, they are. Don’t get me started on their stand on homos, their brainwashing program (hello, celebrity members…) and storm troopers who harass ex members…Crikey, this Anonymous group is to be admired. Now, let’s get them to take on a few more ridiculous cults, including those with the patina of age that make them officially a “religion”.  Why, now I hear if you are overheard saying you’d like to kick George W’s ass for being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, you can be jailed. That’s just plain stupid and an incursion on my freedom of speech! Badmouthing Scientology may also lead to rendition. What an era we live in where speech is stifled a la 1984…time capsule, anyone?

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