Stonewall Democrats In Your Face

Stonewall Democrats really can rock. Reverend Troy Perry spoke about the early days of the movement and the ongoing struggle for same-sex marriage. 

A google of gay marriage california brings up first choice as “Beautiful Seaside Wedding” so it seems the party planners and resorts are on board. 1300 benefits accorded to married people should not be kept for a select portion of society. One can argue, these advantages should be eliminated entirely, as they are enticements to keep couples married and in fact discriminate against the domestic partnerships and longtime singles prevalent in America today.
Me? Who needs same-sex marriage? I don’t want it. However, who’s to say that won’t change some day…and I will want to tie the knot with the love of my life. Until then, I am now proudly on the bandwagon. Let’s just hope right wing lunatics don’t make it a campaign issue, but then again, let’s stand up and face the noise.


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