Where are the Americans???

Well, how about all them ferriners winnin’ trophies. Speshually that Tilda thing. What a weirdo! She looks like a statue of a harpie in a museum come to life–sorta. Imagine crawling into bed with that!

JK. But that Marion Cotillard was a phenom. Too bad the cameraman cut away from her as she gave her best line, about L.A. truly being a city of angels, killing the quote and robbing us of a spectacular Oscar™ moment. Guess they could reedit the clip and focus on her instead of some boor in the audience. At least it wasn’t Nicholson.

For the record, I love Tilda Swinton more than life itself. I would melt in her arms. Wouldn’t know what to do there, but I would melt nonetheless.

Viva Oscar™!!!!


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