Dianne Feinstein Betrayal?

Why, oh why would a liberal Democratic California Senator endorse the use of waterboarding as torture, for that is what Dianne Feinstein has surely done in her endorsement of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General. If Sen. Chuck Schumer was already going to vote, she squandered goodwill for…for what? Pundits say this is becomming a pattern of behavior, and why would anyone on earth endorse the actions of a rogue appointed lame duck president at this late juncture? Does she truly believe history will be on the side of any Bush, let alone this despotic nutjob? Why sell your soul for no appreciable gain? Tell me I’m missing something here.

Oh, well…now that we have another despotic maniac to worry about, namely the dictator of Pakistan and his nuclear arsenal of fifty active warheads, a Great Distraction or Inevitable Desolation seem like the next course of events. Make sure your time is quality time now, since it may be available in severely limited quantity.


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